Tuesday, April 1, 2008

zombie debutante

I haven't posted new drawings to this blog in a while. This is just one of a few that I've done recently. Unfortunately my classroom was broken into over the weekend and my computer was stolen. The other pictures are all on that hard drive and I've already sent the originals off to their buyers. A suspect has been apprehended (NOT one of my students) and the Mac Mini recovered. Unfortunately it's in an evidence locker at the sheriff's office. I'm in the process of getting it released. I'm hoping all the data is intact.
The back side of my room is equipped with 30+ year old plexiglass windows. Over the weekend someone thought it would be a good idea to start a small fire outside one and try to melt their way in, or maybe it was some sort of heat ray, I really don't know. In any event, the fire/heat ray didn't melt a big enough hole to grant ingress so the miscreant ended up bludgeoning their way in. I assume they left by the door once they had my property in hand.

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