Sunday, October 21, 2007

Birthday Party

My son had his fifteenth birthday this week. To celebrate, he had a bunch of his friends spend the night. Even though they are pretty loud, they're a nice group of boys. I gave these zombie portraits out as party favors.

I did Jordan's at a bit of an angle. It's less confrontational.

Jeff was pretty easy going about his, so I just did some general damage

Jaden wanted his lower jaw to be missing.

I like this one of Justin. It's sort of subtle and I think I really captured his essence.

I added the flies around Joey as an afterthought. I sort of like them.

Kevin wanted his brains to be showing. We all agreed that he's a zombie on the edge since destroying the brain is the only sure way to kill a zombie.

Richard wanted to be a werewolf. I guess there's one in every crowd.

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